RJ Viñedos - Family Wine - Malbec

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Varietal Composition: 100% Malbec

Vintage: 2008

Harvest: Hand picked on the 23rd of April.

Origin / Vineyard Location: Uco Valley (La Consulta, San Carlos)

Finca Altamira is 1,080 meters above sea level. Tall espalier vine management. The canopy is of medium vigot with a well-developed and distributed root system throughout the soil.

The First 40cm is a layer of sandy, silt loam soil, which then becomes more granular with depth due to the presence of rounded river rocks. Limestone veins can also be found at various depths throughout.

Vegetative Cycle: The 2007/08 season had a cold winter with substantial amounts of snow and very low temperatures followed by a warm spring with no rain. Summer was warm and dry which brought about early ripening, low vineyard the 2008 harvest was ideal for the slow and complete maturation of the fruit. It was an excellent harvest.

Production: Between 5 and 6 ton per hectare

Maceration: 3 days of cold maceration, 28 days of total maceration with the skin.

Alcoholic Fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation with select yeasts, in small epoxied concrete tanks.

Malolactic Fermentation: With indigenous bacterias.

Ageing: 18 months in oak barrels with 50% in new French oak and the remaining 50% in second use French oak.

Tasting Notes: It has a deep red, maroon color with hints of violet. The aromatic palate is intense and complex, with a spectrum of fruits that brings out red fruits such as cherry and raspberry, followed by delicate notes of violet, blackberry, vanilla, and touches of herbs. The fusion is perfect and it interweaves multiple aromas on the same sensatory level. In the mouth it is broad, robust, and persistent with velvety, well-structured tannins. The taste is full and the finish is long-lasting memorable