Mendel - Finca Remota - Malbec

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Mendel - Finca Remota Malbec

Altamira - Uco Valley.

-Property: Remote Farm. Altamira in Uco Valley.
-Territory: Altitude: 1,100 masl sandy loam soil on large calcareous blocks.
Year of planting: 1957 on foot franc.
- Yield: 4,000 kg / ha.

-Date of harvest: April 23, 2014.
-Manual harvest in boxes of 18 kg.
-Characteristics: The spring and the beginning of summer were hot and dry. From February onwards the temperatures were cooler and there were rainy days. Temperatures dropped significantly from mid-February and remained below the average until the end of the season giving rise to very aromatic wines, good structure and freshness.

-Manual selection of berries on the selection table.
-Mining and fermentation in tanks of 50 Hl for 25 to 30 days. In the course of the maceration, the wines were homogenized with manual stomping.
-Malolactic fermentation in barrels.
-Breeding in new French oak barrels.
-Clarification smooth and without filtration.
-After bottling in February 2016.

-Colour: Intense violet red. Clean and bright
-Nose: Very complex, intense and elegant. It expresses floral notes of violets along with red and black fruits such as raspberries, cassis, black cherries and cherries. Then appear the notes of snuff, chocolate and licorice. Barrel aging brings great intensity, persistence and aromatic depth, as well as sweet notes like vanilla and caramel. By decanting it, its opening allows the expression of all its amplitude.
-Mouth: It is a wine with a great body and structure. The entry into the mouth is sucrose and smooth, then mature tannins appear and their volume and fat are perceived that give it a very pleasant and persistent texture. Concentrated and fleshy its acidity gives it an interesting freshness, relief and great length of mouth. It is a wine of great complexity and aging that can be bred in bottle for many years.

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