Atamisque - Malbec.

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 Variety: 100% malbec
Origin:La Consulta, Mendoza

Alcohol content: 14.50%/vol

Acidity: 6.25 g/l (expressed in tartaric acid)


Altitude: 1,100 meters above sea level

Driving: double guyot

Soil: alluvial, loam with boulders, rocky substrate

Irrigation: drip

Yield: 5000 kg/ha for a balance between plant expression and the number of bunches.

Harvest: late April, manual and in 18 kg boxes


Selection: double ribbon (bunches / berries)

Flow / Tanking: by gravity 6-7 days (without the use of pumps)

Fermentation: in stainless steel tanks.

Cold maceration: 6 days at 7"C, strict temperature control (25/28°C).

At the end of fermentation, the temperature is released at 30°C

Post-fermentation maceration: 10 days in contact with the pomace (hat)

Malolactic fermentation: natural and complete in barrels

Breeding:. 100% in new French barrels (Taransaud-Demptos) for 14 months

Potential keeper: 15 years

View (color): Intense red, purple reflections and subtle violet reflections.

Nose: Notes of violets typical of the variety; Ripe black fruits (blackberries, figs) and dry fruits (raisins), notes of jam with a subtle touch of coffee and tobacco.

Mouth: Excellent concentration, voluptuous, blackberry and plum jam, the tannins present give great structure, in balance with a surprising unctuousness. Intense and elegant wine.

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