De Angeles Gran Malbec viña 1924

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Red Wine Malbec

De Angeles Winery

Brand: Gran Malbec


“VIÑA 1924 TERROIR in its full expression, preserved in the bottle”

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Malbec

GRAPE ORIGIN: 100% Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

VINEYARD: Grapes always from a single and sole vineyard and parcel, “VIÑA 1924” Parcel 3. Ancient, more than 80 years of age, a traditional vineyard which corresponds to the origins of the viticulture in the area. Grown on low espalier (low vine), pruned according to double Guyot system, with 6,900 plants per hectare, furrow irrigation and ungrafted vines. The vineyard is managed to preserve tradition and resources.

VINTAGE: 31 of March, 2009. The harvest time was organoleptically determined, along with the analytical monitoring of the polyphenolic profile ripeness. The harvest is carried out by hand using shears and 18 kg boxes. Average temperature of grapes at harvest time and at the beginning of production: 12 ° C

VINIFICATION: Vinification is performed at the foot of the vineyard, with state-of the art technology and under manual inspection and selection of grape clusters, destemming, manual inspection and selection of berries, filling into tanks through conveyor belts so as to ensure the berries arrive undamaged. Small stainless steel tanks, 100, 65, 40, 35 and 15 hL capacity and automatic temperature control.

FERMENTATION PROCESS: Pellicular maceration at 8°C for 10 days, alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts for 18 days between 24° and 26° C with pump over methods, post fermentative maceration for 15 days, natural malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.

PRODUCTION AMOUNT: 4,520 bottles, bottled on October 21, 2010

ANALYTICAL INFORMATION: Alcoholic volume: 15,5% vol. at 20 ° C --- Sugar content: 2,50 g/L --- pH: 3,76 Total acidity: 5,3 g/L expressed as tartaric acid --- Volatile acidity: 0,85 g/L expressed as acetic acid.

TASTING NOTES: Deep and brilliant rubi red color with blue and purplish hues around the rim. Sweet and delicate aroma which evolves and slowly reveals a great complexity and intensity as it develops in the glass. Aromas of plums and fresh red berries along with a delicate floral note. It shows a very soft attack in mouth to then surprise with complex, intense and concentrated flavors and a lingering aftertaste. Soft and sweet tannins. With vanilla notes and soft toast flavor which denote it is mildly aged in the most delicate French oak barrels for 14 months. Remarkable varietal typicity together with the extraordinary freshness and particular fruity expression, typical of the grapes from this vineyard. An elegant and intense wine, complex and balanced. It has an aging potential which makes it worthy of aging for at least 10 years. It is recommended to decant the wine before drinking. Best served at 16° - 18 °C.

Oenologist: Juan Manuel González --- Vineyard foreman: Alberto Comarín --- Consulting advice: Eno Rolland

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