Cobos - Bramare Marchiori Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon

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Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon 

Viña Cobos Winery

Brand: Bramare Marchiori Vineyard

Varietal Composition

100% Cabernet Sauvignon.




April 26; hand-harvested.


Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.


Marchiori Vineyard.

Vineyard Age

16 years.


Southeast sun exposure; semi-desert climate at the foot of the Andes Mountains (3,270 feet).


Upper strata of grey and white clay layered with sandy loam gives way to substrata of gravel and stone. Soils are low in organic material, alluvial, and very well drained.

Growing Season

Although there were some snowfalls during winter, they were poor, with the consequence of less water available for irrigation during the growing season. When spring began, there were some isolated hail storms in Valle de Uco and Perdriel, with no significant damages. On November 9th, there was a severe frost which affected several vineyards from Perdriel, Las Compuertas, Altamira, and La Consulta in their flowering period. Some lots were more affected than others, depending on location, wine variety and soil humidity. There was a warm summer, where low humidity and light rainfall prevailed. There was only one hail storm in the northeastern part of Perdriel, but no significant damages were reported. In Valle de Uco –warmer and dryer as compared with historical records– grape production showed great quality and concentration, with very good fruit health conditions. Fall was a very dry season, with occasional rains and partial frosts. There was an excellent temperature range, and ideal conditions to reach fruit ripening. Only one frost on May 2nd reached –3.5C in some regions of Perdriel. Fortunately, production had already been harvested in its majority. Yield was comparatively similar to previous harvests. Our harvest time began on March 2nd with the night harvest of Chardonnay grapes, and ended on May 4th with the harvest of Malbec grapes at Marchiori Vineyard. All grape varieties show great balance in wines, high intensity, elegance, purity, and brightness in fruits, highly mature tannins, with great depth.



3.3 tons per acre.

Primary Fermentation

Fermented with selected and native yeasts in 8 ton closed-top stainless steel tanks.


6 days cold soak; 33 days total maceration.

Secondary Fermentation

Native malolactic fermentation in barrel; 3 months to completion.

Barrel Aging

18 months in French and American oak barrels; 60% new.


January 2013; unfined and unfiltered.

Tasting notes

Deep ruby-red and purple shades are displayed in this wine. Aromas of red berries, tobacco and chocolate make up its nose. Its taste is an enchanting combination of blackberries, cassis, pepper, and vanilla. Its round tannins and particular volume make this balanced and complex Cabernet Sauvignon stand out, and guide us into a lingering and elegant aftertaste. 

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