Durigutti - Familia Blend

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Pablo and Hector Durigutti 


Malbec 85% Lunlunta y La Consulta 

Syrah 5% Agrelo 

Bonarda 4% Agrelo 

Cabernet Franc 3% Altamira 

Cabernet Sauvignon 3% Gualtallary 


Starting the second week of April, by hand in 17kg plastic boxes. 

Winemaking Process: 

1- Cold maceration during 9 days at 8ºC, and half during 7 days at 5ºC. 

2- Alcohol fermentation: 70% in Frech barrels and 30% in American Barrels. 

3- Malolactic Fermentation in firts use French oak barrels 

4- Aging during 24 month oak in French barrels. 

Tasting Notes:

A very dark, rich style, with braised fig, bittersweet cocoa, coffee, plum reduction and loam notes that are woven together as they rumble through the muscular finish.

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