La Linterna-Finca Las Mercedes-Cabernet Sauvignon

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The Lantern Cabernet Sauvignon
Farm Las Mercedes,
Plot #19 Cafayate Valley


Cabernet Sauvignon


18 months in French oak foudres and vats.


It is bottled without filtering to preserve all its characters intact.


15 years



Drama and beauty come together in this
Cabernet Sauvignon of height and extreme north latitude.
It dominates a dark marrow loaded with spices, ink
and graphite contributed by crisp black currants,
while the hallmark of origin of the pepper
red pepper, hot chili paste, roasted and fragrant peppers
notes of iodine, tobacco, pencil shavings and fresh mint
further elevate his charismatic style.
At its launch, Harvest showed the
more forceful and determined expression of its place
of origin, with an almost liqueur creaminess, while
that the following specimens stood out for their
fragrance of tea leaves and cedar, held firmly
by the same spectacular red and mineral marrow.
In its presentation, the vintage differs in
that expresses a less dramatic edge with a style
elegant, attractively fleshy, and medium bodied.
A charismatic wine, a reflection of a very special place.

Very concentrated, vibrant and powerful in its fruity expression. It features ripe blackberries, crisp blackcurrants and a dark heart that respond to the direct and forceful style of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its notes of roasted green and red peppers are intertwined with perfumes of lavender, mint leaves and a spicy hint of licorice and pepper. Its distinctive cedar, subtle reminiscences of tobacco and mineral notes of graphite and iodine add even more complexity. Intense and charismatic, it has an almost liqueur density, supported by the freshness and firmness of its tannic structure, which anticipates a good potential for a harmonious maturation in the bottle.

Madeleine Stenwreth,
Master of Wine.

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