Monteviejo - Lindaflor Malbec


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VARIETY Malbec 100%

VINEYARD LOCATION Tunuyán, Valle de Uco, Mendoza

HEIGHT 1000 masl

SOIL Loamy-silty of alluvial origin with gravel in the subsoil and calcareous deposits.

HARVEST Hand-picking using small 12 kg plastic boxes.

SELECTION Double moving belt system and vibrating sorting table.

WINE-MAKING METHOD Micro-winemaking method in 225 liters French oak barrels. 10-15 -day, 8° C cold maceration. Barrels rotation and hand pigeage. AGING 24 months in French oak barrels, 6-month bottle storage.

SERVING TEMPERATURE Serve between 14º-16° C

OWNER Henri Parent

DIRECTOR & WINEMAKER Marcelo Pelleriti